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Coimbra de Mattos, Lda:



History of Society and Farm

1 - The Coimbra de Mattos family, opting for the bottling and marketing of wines produced only from grapes of its properties, the Company formed in 1986 "Aida Coimbra Ayres de Mattos and Sons, Ltd.", with the status of "vintner-bottler" headquartered in Causeway House, street Promenade, Galafura parish of in the municipality of Peso da Régua.

The Ayres de Mattos branch originating and residing in Galafura for over seven generations, is a descendant of Francisco Ayres de Carvalho and Maria de Mattos, who lived there in the seventeenth century and has always been devoted to viticulture.

In 2005 the company adopted the simplified name of Coimbra Mattos, Lda.

2 - In the Douro Region has 55 hectares of vineyards, all mechanized, 45 Galafura in parish, municipality of Peso da Régua and 10 Guiães in parish, municipality of Vila Real.

In the city of Lixa, municipality Felgueiras , in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde sub - region of Sousa , has the Quinta dos Backyards with 3 hectares of vineyards of Azal white caste, belonging Branch Coimbra.

3 - The grape varieties grown are: Aragonese (Tinta Roriz) , Bastardo , Mourisco, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Francisca , Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Amarela (Trincadeira ). The white varieties are: Arinto, Gouveio or Verdelho, Malvasia Fina, Rabigato, Syria and Viosinho.

The entire vineyard area is cultivated according to the standards of integrated production.

4 - All the vinification takes place in the "Adega do Rosca" in Galafura, built in 1917 by risk management and Antonio Ayres de Mattos , father of the current owners, modernized and expanded in 1966 and 1990.

5 - Winemaking in Algerian autolixiviação vats and pneumatic stainless steel vats, all temperature controlled.

Variable stage in oak barrels, stainless steel vats and brown.

6 - Port wines are marketed under the brand VALRIZ (name of a vineyard with 2.5 hectares designated Fragão or Valriz (contraction of the Valley Partridge plenty of partridges existing therein) We have the full range of Port wines of Special categories and also the Tawny , Ruby , White and Medium Sweet White Light Dry currents.

The Douro DOC wine is sold under the trademarks "Quinta dos Mattos and Quinta da Laceira ".

The Duriense Regional Wine "Quinta das Condessas".

The Table Wine "Adega do Rosca".

7 - Management is led by José de Matos Aires Coimbra, Rui Meireles production and winemaking Jean Hugues.



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