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Coimbra de Mattos, Lda:



Quinta da Laceira


Located in the neighboring parish of Guiaes, municipality of Vila Real, in a land of gentle slopes, at an average altitude of 580 meters, has 10,5 hectares of vineyard.

Your name - Laceira - means ramada or pergola, which for many years bordered to the front of the house.

This farm was owned by Dr. Joaquim Lopes Ayres (1840), uncle great-grandfather of the current owners, who have been donated for the success in defense of an important legal issue.

Attached, is the vineyard of Lamas - the Master Sergeant (José Ayres de Carvalho) , brave and powerful family ancestor (paternal grandfather) .

Are still part of this farm the vineyards Fojo, with 12,25 hectares, now in the parish of Galafura, at an average altitude of 575 meters.

Here white grapes are produced that give rise to excellent slightly acid, dried and aromatics , fresh whites . The reds , not very full-bodied, yet are quite compelling because of its higher fixed acidity which makes them very pleasant and aromatic in the mouth .



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