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Coimbra de Mattos, Lda:




Quinta dos Mattos


It is the Farm most traditional, always in possession of the family, and perhaps the one that produces the best wines, with 12,5 hectares of vineyards located on steep slope Galafura, bordered to the south by the little that remains of the Roman road paving Galafura linked to Covelinhas called "Coastal Path". Today, it has good access by county road that connects the two aforementioned parishes.






At its highest extreme north, remain indifferent to time two landmarks pombalinos dated 1761 (national monuments 26 -.. Place of Marco roadside Galafura-Covelinhas and 27 - Place Rossaio).




On the outskirts of the farm, and as part of this, lie the vineyards of Red (4,5 ha) and Velal (4 ha), so with the olive Barroca (1,5 ha).




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