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Wine cellar Museum of Giestas Negras

    The wine cellar Musseum of Giestas Negras has the distinction of being one of the wineries, schist, the oldest in the country's name wine cellar - Black Gorse - concerns a bush (Purple broom) that existed in abundance at that site. Built in MDLXXV (1575) date engraved on the lintel of the door, has two mills and a vat, all in shale, mills having a capacity of 12 barrels (the normal time was 4-6 kites). It also has a press spindle with about eight feet long, in chestnut, with more than 300 years, it served to "crush the grapes."


  Was this winery that gave the badge to the label of Port VALRIZ, as well as the medal produced by Christopher Ayres de Mattos at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1900


 Always been in the possession of the family branch Ayres de Mattos, whose dream was to proceed to its restoration, which occurred in 2006, thanks to the help provided by the Association of Douro History through the Leader + program and transformed into a small museum with old wine pieces belonging family, who were dispersed in various locais.O Museum is located in the Quinta dos Mattos center next to the road between Galafura and Covelinhas and can be visited from Monday to Friday. Irrespective of the number of visitors can also be played on Saturday and / or Sunday being convenient appointment.




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